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Join us 

On the road to becoming a registered Australian Political Party

By joining PIBCI, you will help us get closer to the 550 members we need on the Australian Electoral Roll before we can apply for membership as an Australian political party.  

in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Download and print the Application For Membership form 

Simply click on the button below to download the Application For Membership form.  Then print the form. 

The Application For Membership form includes our Aims, and details of PIBCI's Constitutional Framework.

Step 2

Read and carefully complete the Application For Membership form.

To be eligible to join, it is important that you correctly complete the Aims and Membership page (Page 1) and correctly sign and date the Application For Membership form (Page 2).

Please check that the form is fully completed and all the details are correct, signed and dated, otherwise it will not be valid.  

Step 3

Post the completed Application For Membership form (pages 1 and 2) to:
Dr. Joseph Toscano
Secretary / Convenor Public Interests Before Corporate Interests
Level 1/21 Smith St

How you can support us


Support PIBCI by volunteering your time to help during events and donating to this worthy cause.

Contact us and let us know how you are able to help PIBCI and find out more about how you can best support us.

Phone the PIBCI Secretary, Dr. Joseph Toscano on 0439395489 or get in contact by email: or mail us at P.O.Box 20 Parkville 3052.  


We encourage members to engage with your local communities.
Organise a community meeting and the PIBCI Secretary Dr. Joseph Toscano will support you by coming to your meeting anywhere in Victoria to talk about Public Interests Before Corporate Interests. Ring him on 0439395489 to organise a mutually convenient time and date.
Although PIBCI is a national organization, 95% of our members based in Victoria. Currently, we do not have the funds to attend meetings in other parts of Australia. Please contact Dr. Joseph Toscano directly to discuss a meeting.


GPO BOX: 20 Parkville, 3052


Mobile: 0439 395 489